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Tech Service Products, Inc. is a stocking distributor of non-destructive testing products and industrial supplies.  From our locations in Broussard, LA, Houston,TX, Oklahoma City, OK, and Midland, TX we work with companies to lower operating costs and improve their service level.  Since our inception in 1973, we continue to solve problems for clients .

Questions to ask your current supplier(s)TSPCompetitor
Length of time in business?46??
Local Inventory in LA, TX, and OK?YES??
Is a full line of products stocked at multiple locations?YES??
Are you able to get same day service in Lafayette, Houston, OKC, and Midland?YES??
Can your vendor maintain consistent pricing across your locations?YES??
Does your vendor offer Alliance Purchasing Programs?YES??
Are vendor managed inventory options available to your company?YES??
Do you have multiple points of contact for your account?YES??
NDT product knowledge by supplier personnel?YES??
Is a full line of rattling products stocked at multiple locations?YES??
Dos your supplier have expert rattling product knowledge?YES??
Who manufacturers your rattling products?Elliott Tool Technologies??
Is your rattling product manufactured under a quality system?Six Sigma & 5-S??
Do you know where your rattling products are actually manufactured?USA??
Are your rattling products machined or cast?Machined??
What is the material used for your rattling products?Tool Steel??
Does your vendor provide NDT instrument certification service?YES??
Are you encouraged to meet the manufacturers of your products?YES??
Are alternative products or problem solving ideas presented?YES??