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Power Control Services 10,000 amp Shooting Box

Item #: MK1024M-PCS
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Price: $17,500.00


    The MK10/24 is a 10kA Capacitive Discharge unit with 24 capacitors of 144,000 microfarads each, for a total of 3.456 farads. It has charging voltages of 65VDC (High) and 45VDC (Low) to initiate a shot of approx. 10kA and 6kA respectively when connected with the appropriate length 4/0 shooting cable setup. The unit can handle up to 3-4/0 shooting cables and uses a single button trigger cable to initiate the SCR controlled shot. Two digital liquid crystal Current and Voltage indicators are sealed under a Lexan plastic window on the cover of the CD Unit housing. The entire unit is built into a heavy duty, weather proofed aluminum housing to keep mag powder and other debris from contaminating the internal electronics of the unit. The unit measures 37” x 16” x 15” and has 2 carrying handles allowing it to be transported by 2 personnel. All CD Units come with a 15’ trigger cable, a 12’ AC power cable and are 100% guaranteed by a one year manufactures warranty. All shooting cables and connectors are sold separately due to individual customer specific requirements.