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Lockout Station

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    High visibility lockout station for the storage of isolation locks etc. By locating a lockout station nearby the isolation points compells the workers to follow correct isolation procedures and use the equipment provided.

    Made from durable poly-board. The outer edge is marked with black & yellow chevrons for high visibility. Easily fixed to the wall.

    This lockout station can accommodate the following equipment (contents included)

    • 4 or 10 safety (LSE302FS - 4;  LSE303FS - 10) isolation padlocks (Master Lock 410RED)
    • packs of lockout tags (Master Lock 497A)
    • 1 Multi-Lock Safety Hasp (Master Lock 420)
    • Dimensions in Inches: 14″ x 21-1/4″ for LSE303FS
    • Dimensions in Inches: 11″ x 15 3/4″ for LSE302FS

    These boards may require some assembling.