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Kopr-Kote - 5 gallon pail

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    A premium-quality, unleaded compound containing copper flake, graphite, and other natural extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. KOPR-KOTE® oilfield’s solid package is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces.


    • Repeatable frictional characteristics
    • High temp complex grease
    • Resistance to make up downhole
    • Not considered a marine pollutant
    • Highly adhesive
    • Base Materials
      • Complex Soap / Petroleum
    • Friction / K-Factor
      • 1.15 standard service (Relative to API RP 7G)
      • 1.25 very severe service
    • Certifications
      • NFS Registered H2
      • DOT approval CA2004080025
      • Conforms to API RP7G torque charts
    • Service Rating
      • 0°F to 450°F
      • -18°C to 232°C