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Drilco DC Pulse Mag Coils

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    Magnetizing Method - Full Wave DC (Pulsed)

    Magnetizing Force - In excess of 10,000 amp turns

    Power Requirements - 120V AC 15 amp circuit (min).  

    These are the original DC Pulse coils and the industry standard for decades in the drill pipe inspection business.  

    The Drilco series of magnetizing coils employs a full rectified DC and pulse feature that provides a 100% duty cycle.  This means that the coil may be energized for extended periods of time.

    The pulse shape and duration have been tailored to aid the mobility of the magnetic particles when using the preferred method of flood application in an active field.

    Each coil is completely self-contained and is encapsulated in a sturdy, durable urethane material that will not become brittle with age or at very low temperatures.

    The built in power supply has an indicator lamp that shows the field activity and is protected by a circuit breaker capable of being reset (*).

    Tech Service Products has partnered exclusively with WIS Drilco for North American sales of the DRILCO DC Pulse Coils.

    (*) Also use a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) with coils to further avoid the possibility of electrical shock.