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AA400 70mm x 150m Roll

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    • Replaces Agfa D7 and Fuji IX100
    • 3 rolls per case

    INDUSTREX AA400 Film is extremely versatile, which makes it a great solution for many industrial applications. You can use it in multiple-film radiography and in single-film techniques—and with direct x-rays or with lead foil screens. Best of all, AA400 Film incorporates Carestream’s patented T-GRAIN Emulsion technology.

    The Basics

    AA400 Film is an ASTME 1815 Class II and ENISO 11699-1 Class 5 film that offers high speed, high contrast and gives you a fine-grain image. This film offers incredibly robust handling characteristics. It can withstand high temperatures and humidity, and it is resistant to static artifacts—so you get the image you need, whatever the conditions you’re working under.

    Processing Options

    AA400 Film can be processed manually or automatically in a range of processing cycles. Notice: Observe precautionary information on product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets. Develop with rack and tank, using properly replenished solutions.

    Ideal For

    Aircraft inspection, Aero-engines, Archeological artifacts, Assemblies, Castings, Concrete, Electrical components, Forensics, Forestry, Munitions, Bomb Disposal, Nuclear, Pipelines, Tires, Welded Fabrication



    Base + Fog


    M43ic—8 min 79°F (26°C)



    M43ic—5 min 86°F (30°C)