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Magnaflux 14AM Aerosol (case of 10 cans)

Item #: 01-0145-83
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Price: $206.00


    • 12 - 16 oz. Aerosol Cans/Case
    • 14AM is a fluorescent prepared bath of 14A powder mixed with Carrier II (a high flash point petroleum vehicle). Ready to use without measuring and mixing
    • Suspension: Oil
    • Recommended Concentration:Comes as prepared bath
    • Method of Application: Shake can well to suspend the particles. Spray onto properly magnetized test part, making sure that the entire surface to be inspected is covered. Inspect part. Indications will form immediately and show up as fluorescent green lines under a UV Black Light of 365 nm.
    • MAGNAFLUX's magnetic particles are designed to hold up better and do not break down during agitation. This avoids having to change the bath as often and insures consistent performance during inspection
    • The only requirement from an inspectability standpoint is that the component being inspected must be made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron, nickel or cobalt, or some of their alloys.
    • The MAGNAGLO product line is MAGNAFLUX's fluorescent (requires a black light) wet method magnetic particle materials used in Magnetic Particle Inspection to locate surface and subsurface flaws in ferrous parts.
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