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Krautkramer USM 36 Flaw Detector (Basic - BNC)

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    The harshest industrial environments require rugged and reliable NDT inspection products specifically designed to stand up to any conditions.

    There are few inspection tools more versatile than the portable ultrasonic flaw detector. It is ideally suited to stand up to a wide range of inspection challenges including:

    • Weld inspection and corrosion measurement in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Petrochemical industries
    • Inspection of fine-grained and long work forgings
    • Inspection of special materials, including those used in the Aerospace and Automobile industries

    Perform comprehensive and highly accurate NDT flaw detection inspections on industrial assets without interrupting operations or putting personnel at risk.

    The Krautkramer USM 36 portable ultrasonic flaw detector benefits include:

    • Powerful inspection features in a compact, ergonomic package. Combined state of the art flaw detection capabilities with a lightweight and nearly indestructible design.
    • Large 7-inch high-resolution color screen with streamlined operation. Data is easy to view and interpret, and together with an operating platform familiar in the market makes in-the-field inspection easier than ever.
    • Comprehensive connectivity enables nimble data analysis and sharing. Inspection results can be stored on a removable SD-card or USB memory and a VGA connection allows the instrument’s display to be shown externally.
    Display screen

    Size Diagonal 7”

    Active range (W × H) 152.4 × 91.44 mm2

    Resolution (W × H) 800 × 480 pixels

    Range 4 … 14,108 mm (555“) for longitudinal wave


    Display shift (delay) –15 … 3,500 μs

    Probe delay 0 … 1,000 μs

    Velocity 250 … 16,000 m/s

    PRF Automatically optimized 15 … 2,000 Hz,

    3 automatic setting modes: Auto Low,

    Auto Med, Auto High, Manual


    Probe connectors 2 × LEMO-1 or 2 × BNC

    USB interface USB type B connector

    Service interface LEMO-1B, 8 pin


    Pulser mode Spike pulser, optionally: Square-wave


    Pulser voltage

    (SQ mode)

    120 … 300 V, in steps of 10 V with a


    of 10%

    Pulser falling/rising


    max. 10 ns

    Pulser width (SQ


    30 … 500 ns, in steps of 10 ns

    Pulser amplitude

    (Spike mode)

    low: 120 V, high: 300 V

    Pulser energy

    (Spike mode)

    low: 30 nS, high: 100 nS

    Damping 50 ohms, 1000 ohms


    Digital gain Dynamic range 110 dB, adjustable

    in steps of 0.2 dB

    Analog bandwidth 0.5 … 20 MHz

    Equivalent input noise <80 nV/√Hz

    Filters Broadband: 1-5 MHz / 2, 2.25 MHz / 4, 5

    MHz / 10 MHz / 13, 15 MHz

    Rectification Positive half-wave, negative half-wave,

    full wave, RF signal


    Independent gates Gates A and B (triggering by gate A),

    Gate C (option, triggering by gate A or B)

    Measurement mode Peak, Flank, J-FLANK, FIRST PEAK


    Card slot SD-card slot for all standard SD-cards

    Capacity 8 GB, SD-card

    Datasets UGO data structure in ASCII

    Reports JPG or BMP format


    Battery Li-Ion, operating time: 13 hours with full

    charge / Charging method (standard):

    internal with power adapter / Charging

    method (optional): external charger /

    Charge level: proportional charge level


    Power adapter Universal power supply unit

    100 … 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Size (W × H × D) 255 × 177 × 100 mm (10” × 7.0” × 3.9”)

    Weight 2.2 kg incl. battery

    Languages Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English,

    Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian,

    Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,

    Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

    Damp heat and

    humidity (storage)

    EN 60068 Part 2-30

    6 cycles: 9 hrs at +25°C up in 3 hrs to

    +55°C, 9 hrs at +55°C then down to

    +25°C in 3 hrs, at 93% humidity

    Vibration EN 60068 Part 2-6

    2g per axis, 5 … 150 Hz, 1 oct/min, 25 cycles

    Shocks EN 60068 Part 2-27

    1000 cycles per axis, 15 g, 11 ms, half-sine

    Enclosure IP66 according to IEC 60529

    Operating temperature –10 … 55°C

    Cold operation –10°C for 16 hrs, 502.5 Procedure II

    Heat operation +55°C for 16 hrs, 501.5 Procedure II

    Storage temperature –20 … +60°C, without battery

    Cold storage –20°C for 72 hrs, 502.5 Procedure I

    Heat storage +70°C for 48 hrs, 501.5 Procedure I


    AWS AWS calibration tool, according to

    AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code

    DAC/JISDAC/CNDAC DAC calibration tool, 16 points, according

    to EN 1712, EN 1713, EN 1714, ASTM E164, ASME,

    ASME III, JIS Z3060, GB11345

    TCG: 120 dB dynamic, 110 dB/μs slope

    DGS DGS calibration tool, according to: EN 1712,

    EN 1713, EN 1714, ASTM E164

    Data logger Grid file creation

    3G Gate C

    SWP For pulser parameter optimization,

    voltage setting 120 … 300 V in steps of 10 V,

    pulse width setting 30 … 500 ns in steps

    of 10 ns

    Phantom-PRF Phantom-PRF for the identification of

    erroneous echoes caused by multiple

    reflections in low-attenuation materials

    BEA Blackwall Echo Attenuation

    Specifications according to EN 12668

    You will find the specifications according to EN 12668 for your

    instrument on the product CD included in the standard package.