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INDUSTREX Manual Fixer Kit

Item #: 1057017
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    Carestream’s new Odorless Manual Processing Chemical Kits take the guesswork, and the smell, out of manual processing.

    A Complete System in a Box:

    • Easy to use and mix - single part liquid concentrates
      • Developer kit includes Developer, Replenisher, and Stop Bath (Catolog Number: 1057009)
      • Fixer kit includes Fixer, Replenisher and Rinse Solution (Catalog Number: 1057017)
    • Each developer and fixer kit makes 40L/10 Gallons of processing solutions, just the right amount to fill standard manual processing tanks with a single kit.
    • Each kit comes with mini-bottles of replenisher concentrate. Enough to make 8L/2 gallons of replenisher
    • Chemical bottles are color coded for easy identification in the darkroom
    • Chemical bottles are induction sealed to prevent leaking and preserve freshness
    • Complete kits are easy to order and take up little storage space in the darkroom
    • Each Developer Kit is packaged with an easy to follow manual processing wall chart guide
    • Developer and Fixer Ratios:
      Developer Stopbath Ratios